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Colector de bonus royal story

Having visited the factory and knowing the people, including the prince, involved in Lichtenstein.
Occasionally a technician would go out to Heathrow for a day and service the machines with minor faults, more difficult coming back to the service department.
I think the 1 had brown covers and the 2 green covers or other way round.
I have asked my ex Sales Manager (LOM) then Managing Director (ABM) who was involved with the Curta from beginning to end in the UK to give a, from his view, definitive story of the Curta.From memory a Model.We also imported the PDQ stamp machines from USA used for giving bonus stamps in shops and garages.Was on display some years ago not sure now.Whether he will casino europa online gratis or not I cannot say.I would not think there are any cased display Model 2's.On a site there is a photograph of Curta tools.The London Science Museum have a Curta in their collection.The 3" side was machined away to accept, I think, the carriage and there was a piece of 2mm steel let into the block onto which, I think, the handle rested.As an aside LOM and ABM were two successful companies run by the same man.
LOM apart from Curta introduced the sweda Cash Register which with good service successfully competed with National Cash Reg.
Boac had a huge quantity for their flight crews, most machines came into our workshops.
I know where one of our technicians lived and am trying to see whether he still lives there or has passed.
At ABM in 1968 we introduced Casio Calculators into UK and for most of the time sold more Casio machines than the combined total of all the other Japanese imported Calculators.
We had in our London showroom an enlarged copy of a letter from Hilary thanking the company for the loan.We had three war displaced technicians, all trained watch makers.There were at least 3 x Model 1 Service manuals and 2 x Model.People may not know that 'Hilti' make hammers to drive nails into solid walls and the Curta factory when closed made 'Hilti Guns'.Missing is the paxolin block for supporting the handle whilst driving out the tapered pin.The block I referred to was made of Tufnol not paxolin about 3" wide x 2" deep.5.75" high.How it accommodated model 1 and 2's don't know, I am trying to think back 20 or so years.We had three sets for our main offices, London, Birmingham and Manchester.Due to the extra diameter of the body it would have meant a different display case, why go to that trouble when a Model 1 does the job adequately.

Whilst still selling the Curta.